Red Devils News · Memorial Student-Athlete of the Month: Luke Collins

Luke Collins is the October selection for student-athlete of the month.  Luke carries a 4.0 GPA at Memorial High School and is a starting member of the Memorial Soccer Team.  Luke maintains good grades while excelling in the classroom by finding a balance that has been instilled in him.  He was asked what it takes to be able to excel at both Luke commented, “School always comes first but showing what I can do as a player on the field is a bonus.”  Luke also believes that the work he is putting in now will allow him to become a stand-up citizen when he is older.  He states, “Sure, no one wants to study every night, do homework, but it’s where doing those things will get you in the future. How those hours of studying and homework will help you through the rough patches in life and make you take a step back for a breather, and then jump right back in to come out victorious.”

While Luke does put in a lot of hard work in the classroom, it is very apparent that he also puts a lot of work into his body to make sure that he is in peak physical condition.  Soccer mandates a lot from a person’s body, and Luke is up to the challenge.  He stated, “I have played football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. Soccer is one of those sports that a player must fully indulge in. The physical aspect of soccer means that I must be in top condition almost year round, I love the work that I have to put in. The journey to me is more important than the season. I love busting butt to be better, and strive for more.”

Luke doesn’t plan to end his academic career at Memorial High as he plans on going on to college and majoring in Physical Therapy or Criminal Justice.  He has a passion for the Military as he wants to join the ROTC program upon admittance and follow in his father’s footsteps.

Luke is a person who loves his city and has a lot of pride.  When asked about what Campbell Pride meant to him he responded, “Campbell Pride is simple, love your city, love your people, force others to work, and never forget where you came from. Campbell is notorious for raising strong individuals and people who aren’t afraid of working for what they want.”


We wish Luke the best of luck on his Senior year, and look forward to seeing life-long success!

Once a Red Devil, Always a Red Devil!